Harvard Resources

Whether you're wondering what you can do for Harvard, or what Harvard can do for you as an alum, here are some ideas.

Harvard Key

In 2015, Harvard introduced Harvard Key, an identity management system that allows Harvard affiliates, including alumni, to authenticate themselves for many purposes, from accessing the library to voting in elections to registering for reunions. Have you noticed that some web sites allow you to log in with your Google, Facebook, or Twitter password? Harvard Key is the same thing for Harvard. Some classmates have run into problems signing up for Harvard Key, but it does work and is very useful. If you have trouble signing up, contact the Harvard IT Help Desk.

Harvard Library

The Harvard Library provides alumni access to many electronic resources, including JSTOR. If you're involved in research but don't have a current academic affiliation, this can be a great resource!

Alumni also can apply to visit Harvard libraries in-person free of charge, or pay for borrowing privileges.

The library also operates an Ask a Librarian service. We asked a librarian what services are available to alumni, and a librarian answered that alumni are welcome to use the Ask a Librarian service, either to ask a reference question or make an appointment with a reference librarian.

Harvard Online Courses

Harvard provides a selection of online courses, many for free. Couldn't fit that course into your schedule at Harvard? You might be able to take it online!


Using your Harvard Key, you can connect to Harvard's campus network, but can also connect to WiFi networks at many other educational institutions across the world, through Eduroam. This Wikipedia article has more information about Eduroam.

Vote in Harvard Elections

Alumni can vote online in elections for the Board of Overseers and directors of the Harvard Alumni Association.

Alumni Interviewing

The Admissions Office relies on alumni to serve as interviewers for future classes of Harvard students. If you're interested in being an alumni interviewer, you can fill out this interest form.

Faculty Club

Alumni are eligible for complimentary membership in the Harvard Faculty Club. Membership allows you to dine at the Faculty Club (not a great deal) and reserve guest rooms (prices not published on the website). Even if you don't think you would use this benefit, or don't even live in Boston, it might be worthwhile for reciprocal benefits, especially since there's no cost.

Office of Career Services

The Office of Career Services is specialized in helping graduating or recently graduated students identify career paths. Services for alumni more than five years post-graduation are limited to an annual resume review. They do have online resources that might be useful for someone considering a career change. Alumni can also volunteer to serve as a resource for current students and recent graduates.

Office for the Arts at Harvard

The Office for the Arts at Harvard sponsors arts related programming, including shows, performances and classes. You can get tickets through the Harvard box office. Too bad you now have to pay full price!

The Hub

The Hub publishes a list of performances and other events sponsored by student groups, many of which are open to the public.

Athletic Facilities

Alumni and immediate family members are eligible to purchase a membership that allows them to use Harvard's athletic facilities, including the Malkin Athletic Center and Hemenway Gym.