Alumni Association

HAA Alumni Community

The Harvard Alumni Association hosts the alumni community portal, through which you can create a profile and access all the services provided by HAA. To create an alumni community account you first need to create a Harvard Key.

Connecting Alumni

Email Forwarding

HAA offers an email forwarding service. In the past, these addresses ended with, but addresses currently being issued end in It's possible to convert a to an address, but not the reverse.

Email Preferences

Set your email preferences to specify what email you want to receive from Harvard College, the HAA, Harvard Magazine, and/or any Harvard graduate schools you attended.

Alumni Directory

You can search the HAA alumni directory and bookmark contacts you might search for again in the future. If you're trying to get in touch with someone, you can send them an email through a web form.

Class Notes

Class notes, published in Harvard Magazine, used to be the primary way classes would share updates about life events and accomplishments over the years. With the advent of email and social media, use of class notes has declined. You can post and search class notes through the HAA Alumni Community, or also through Harvard Magazine, however there have been only a few notes since 2015.

Message Boards

Post to fellow alumni around topics of interest on the message board. Most posts are related to jobs or housing, but you can post on any topic.

Harvard Stories

HAA posts stories about alumni or of interest to Alumni.

Shared Interests

Shared Interest Groups

Harvard Alumni Association Shared Interest Groups facilitate alumni engagement with each other and the University through shared interests, identities, and affiliations.

Clubs Directory

The HAA maintains a directory of over 185 Harvard clubs in more than 70 countries worldwide. Clubs may have their own facilities, and sponsor events and resources for the local alumni community.

Alumni Events

HAA maintains a list of talks, social and networking events, and other events of interest to alumni, held in Camridge and other cities.

Alumni Volunteering

Volunteering through HAA

HAA maintains a list of volunteer opportunities available through HAA and local clubs. Opportunities include:

  • The Early College Awareness (ECA) program, which has the goal of increasing college awareness and preparedness in underserved communities. There

  • Serving as an Activities Chair ((also known as City Captain), helping to bring classmates and alumni from surrounding classes together in their post-grad cities and regions

Volunteering through Harvard

Harvard College also maintains a list of volunteer opportunities through which alumni can participate in service to Harvard. Opportunities include:

  • Serving as an alumni interviewer for the Admissions Office

  • If you're local to Cambridge, serving as a first year host or international host family, to for informal friendships with international students and other students who may benefit from enhanced local supports.

Public Interested

Alumni may be interested in Public Interested, an annual collaborative event coordinated by the Phillips Brooks House Center for Public Service & Engaged Scholarship. This day-long conference is designed to allow students to explore varied public interest careers and network with alumni in those fields. Alumni and students have the opportunity to hear from inspiring speakers, interact with other alumni, participate in engaging activities, and meet peers who share a passion for public service.

HAA Travel

Travel the world with Harvard alumni and faculty.

Career Networking

Online Career Resources

Network with fellow alumni and connect with current Harvard students by updating your profile with career networking capabilities.

Global Networking Night

Global Networking Night is an annual, multi-city event to give alumni a chance to reconnect with classmates and make new connections.

Alumni Offers

Harvard Alumni World MasterCard

The Harvard Alumni Card is issued by the Harvard University Employees Credit Union (HUECU). Designed exclusively for Harvard alumni, the Harvard Alumni Card offers cash back and travel rewards, plus no annual or foreign transaction fees. In turn, revenue from the card supports financial aid.

Both membership in the HUECU and the Harvard Alumni Card are free for alumni. One unique benefit of the card is that's it's one of the few chip and PIN cards without an annual fee (most US cards are chip and signature). This is usually not important in the United States, but may be very helpful if you travel internationally and want to complete transactions at kiosks which offer no signature option. The card also changes no foreign transaction fee.

Lenovo PC Purchase Program

Alumni are eligible to purchase Lenovo PCs and ThinkPad laptops at a discount.