Send Large Files

To Submit large files, we recommend using Filemail, a free file transfer service which doesn't require that you submit any personal information.

To use Filemail, click on the link below and follow these steps:

  1. Choose Send as Link.

  2. Click Add Files or Add Folder to send a whole folder.

  3. Select the files or folder to send.

  4. Click Send

  5. Choose how long you want the files to remain on the Filemail server. Please choose 1 month or 1 year to give us a chance to download the files before they expire, or re-download later if needed.

  6. You will also see an option to add a password, but you can't do that with the free version and it's not necessary, since nobody else will have the download link.

  7. After the files upload, you will be given a download link, which will be active for the amount of time you selected. Send us the link, and we will be able to get the files.

Thanks for contributing to the class website!